Top Reasons to Order Auto Body Parts Online in Canada



#1 Inventory-  Over 10 Million different auto body parts are available online. Chances are you will find the part you need!


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#2 Shipping- Over the years shipping rates have dropped over 50% due to high demand in online sales. If you order your parts online chances are you won’t have to pay much for shipping and you could see your part within a few days on average.


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#3 Convenience- When you need a body part replaced like a fender or bumper the first place you think to visit is your local auto wrecker or junk yard. Ordering online can save you time and money by filtering the part you need and adding to your online cart. You will never have to get dirty trying to remove an old bumper or fender from an auto wrecker again.



#4 Warranty- If you order online auto body parts most retailers offer 30-day money back guarantee. If you order the wrong part you won’t have any trouble exchanging or receiving a full refund. A return label will be issued and your part will be picked up same day.


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#5 Pricing- Many online retailers are very competitive and can also price match. Sometimes it’s best to call them directly to make sure they have good support and to make sure the part you want to order is available for same day shipping.


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New vs Used Parts- You might think the cheapest place to find auto body parts is at your local Auto Wrecker or Pick-A-Part. In most cases you can purchase brand new auto body parts with warranty online for half the price. Aftermarket auto body parts are made from highest quality material for a perfect factory fit guaranteed. 



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