How to Paint Your Car Bumper



Painting your new replacement bumper can save you money and a trip to your local body shop. You can purchase paint and supplies from your local auto parts stores such as Lordco or Princess Auto. Sanding Supplies can be purchased at your local hardware store.


You Will Need: Primer, Paint to match, Sand Paper, Dry Cloth, Clearcoat, Patience.  

Step 1. Find a dry area clear of dust and debris to paint your bumper cover. Make sure your paint station is well ventilated. Your garage is the best place to paint or outside on a warm clear day.

Step 2. Wet Sanding involves removing any imperfections on your new bumper cover using a 320-grit sand paper will work best before adding your primer. Watch this Youtube Video on How to Properly Wet Sand Click Here.

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Step 3. Clean your bumper with a dry clothe to remove any dust, oils and debris left over from wet sanding.

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Step 4. Once your bumper has been clear of imperfections and debris. You can now start painting your bumper with a primer. Spray a light even coat of primer on your bumper.


Step 5. Apply your Paint to Match evenly throughout the bumper make sure you spay 6” to 8” inches away to get an even coat in short 2 second burst.  


Step 6. Apply your Clearcoat Evenly same way as described in step 4.


Once your bumper has completely dry. You can now remove your old bumper and install the pre-painted bumper. 


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