What's the difference between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) and Aftermarket Parts? 

1. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) parts are made in house by the company who made your vehicle. Example: Ford OEM parts are made by Ford. Most OEM parts are actually made overseas to cut down on cost just like Aftermarket parts but they are overseen by the original manufacture to make sure of the highest quality standard available.

Pro's: OEM parts are known for their quality and proper fitments.

Con's: OEM parts are known to be expensive. 

2. Aftermarket Parts are made by a third party company not usually involving the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture).

Aftermarket parts are made to fit your vehicle and fit just like OEM parts. 

Pro's: Most Aftermarket parts are more affordable than OEM parts. Quality has improved over the years. Most come with Warranty and Fitment Guarantee.

Con's: Aftermarket parts do not require a third party inspection, and quality can vary. Most are direct fit and do not require any extra work to install. Aftermarket parts Do Not have any OEM Logo's. Example: If your OEM part has a Ford Logo, You Aftermarket part will looks just like the Ford OEM but will not have any Trademarks or Logos/Emblem.